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Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)


The public contract originator defines the service to be rendered, and PORR provides the optimal solution. This applies to planning, developing, building, financing and operating complex and lengthy public construction projects. In this way, we keep our eye on cost optimisations for the public sector and enable a quick implementation of the respective project.

Concession models.

The concession models create the advantage for the public sector that the services described above are provided by a partner – the concession holder – who also takes on the risks from realisation and operations. This ensures that the infrastructure set up in this manner can be used by the public for decades without restriction.

Strategic project development.

PORR shares its many years of experience in the areas of construction and project development with the public sector, thereby creating the possibility for developing new plans, concepts and strategies and opening up new project fields.

Participations and asset management.

As an asset manager for operative (project) companies, we take on the ongoing support of public facilities. To do so, with PPP and concession models we pursue a "life-cycle approach" and create long-term optimisation potential.