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PORR: Pioneering spirit since 1869.

PORR AG was founded in Vienna in 1869 as an incorporated company named “Allgemeine Österreichische Baugesellschaft” (“Austrian Universal Construction Company”). Since that time, shares in the company have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.  

At the beginning of the 20th century, discoveries made by civil engineer Arthur Porr led to a significant breakthrough in concrete construction, and technological leadership was secured in 1927 by a merger with Porr's company to form “Allgemeine Baugesellschaft – A. Porr Aktiengesellschaft” (“Universal Construction Company - A. Porr Incorporated”).

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Milestones in Slovakia.

PORR s.r.o. is established in Bratislava in the former Czechoslovakia. By joining the partner company PORR AG International and several Slovak companies within a joint venture under the name INTERSTAV a.s., the company is one of the first ones to use foreign capital in the country.

After the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia becomes an independent state.

The company starts operating under the name PORR a.s. (Slovakia) and focuses on covering all areas of building construction. The activities continue to be based in Bratislava.

TEERAG-ASDAG Slovakia s.r.o. is founded and later renamed PORR s.r.o., taking over assets and liabilities of the three merged companies TEERAG-ASDAG Slovakia s.r.o., PORR Slovensko s.r.o and PORR Infra s.r.o. TEERAG-ASDAG Slovakia s.r.o. is at that time based in the administrative building BBC1, Bratislava Business Center 1, at Plynárenská 1, Bratislava.

The main draft for the company’s largest project so far, EUROVEA International Trade Center, is completed.
PORR Technobau and PORR Bau GmbH in association with Alpine Bau obtain a contract for the technical management of the construction of a combined power plant for gas and steam production.

After a shell construction phase of less than a year, EUROVEA is opened up to the public.


The merger of three companies, TEERAG-ASDAG Slovakia s.r.o., PORR Slovensko s.r.o and PORR Infra s.r.o is completed in 2012. 

PORR s.r.o. merges with PPE Malženice s.r.o.

As a member of the association ŽS Beluša, PORR s.r.o. successfully completes the modernisation of the railway line Nove Mesto nad Vahom - Puchov, section Trencianska Tepla – Ilava – Belusa, which is part of the railway corridors for interstate transport in the eastern part of Europe.
PORR s.r.o. starts construction of the Triblavina level crossing on the D1 motorway in the Bratislava-Senec section.

Construction of the Čadca-Bukov-Svrčinovec section of the D3 motorway, which is part of the pan-European transport corridor, commences.

PORR s.r.o. enhances its portfolio by merging with another construction company, Alpine Slovakia spol. s.r.o. Due to an increasing number of employees, the main office is moved to the new administrative premises of Green Point Offices in Bratislava.